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Association Offices
3233 N. St. Mary's, San Antonio, TX 78212 Phone (210) 246-9600 (246-9622)/Fax (210) 246-9638

Sandy Morander President / CEO sandym@ymcasatx.org
Matt Mitchell Sr. Vice President / COO mattm@ymcasatx.org
Ross Magsig Sr. Vice President / CFO rossm@ymcasatx.org
Stacy Smith Sr. Vice President of Human Resources stacys@ymcasatx.org
Joe Bueno Sr. Vice President of Corporate Development joeb@ymcasatx.org
Lisa Ramirez Vice President Strategic Partnerships & Program Innovation lisar@ymcasatx.org
Liesien Benet Vice President of Information Technology liesienb@ymcasatx.org
Laura Waldrum Director of Marketing and Public Relations lauraw@ymcasatx.org
Monica Garza Director of Community Wellness monicag@ymcasatx.org

Boerne Family YMCA
1361 S. Main St., Boerne TX 78006 Phone (830) 815-1040/Fax (830) 248-1042

Paul Giguere Executive Director paulg@ymcasatx.org
Selma Angelucci Business Manager selmaa@ymcasatx.org
Ashley Maytum Membership, Marketing, Health and Wellness Director ashleym@ymcasatx.org
Jacob Kerr Sports Director  jacobk@ymcasatx.org
Susie Williams Group Exercise/Personal Training Coordinator susiew@ymcasatx.org
Bo Garza Youth and Family Director bog@ymcasatx.org

Braundera Family YMCA at O.P. Schnabel Park
9606 Bandera Rd, San Antonio TX 78250 Phone (210) 520-9700/Fax (210) 520-6600

 Doug Desbien Executive Director dougd@ymcasatx.org
 Michael Voris Membership & Wellness Director michaelv@ymcasatx.org
 Jake Oglesby Sports Director jakeo@ymcasatx.org
 Jami Engel Sports & Aquatics Director jamie@ymcasatx.org
 Amy Yurkovich Youth & Family Director amyy@ymcasatx.org
 Susie Williams Group Exercise Coordinator susiew@ymcasatx.org
 Nick Roso Lead Wellness Coach nickr@ymcasatx.org

YMCA Youth Development 

3233 N. St. Mary's, San Antonio, TX 78212 Phone (210) 924-2277/Fax (210) 924-8119

 Debbie Degollado Vice President of Child & Family Services debbied@ymcasatx.org
 Susie Alexander Director of Administration susiea@ymcasatx.org
 Tina Guajardo Sr. Preschool Director tinag@ymcasatx.org
 Terry Sanchez Y Early Learning Center - SOUTHSIDE terrys@ymcasatx.org
 Maricela Rodriguez Y Early Learning Center - NORTHWEST maricelar@ymcasatx.org
 Monica Garcia  Y Early Learning Center - DOWNTOWN monicaga@ymcasatx.org
 Mari Cardenas Y Early Learning Center - NORTHEAST maric@ymcasatx.org
 Tina Guajardo Y Early Learning Center - HAVEN FOR HOPE tinag@ymcasatx.org
 Tim Schindler Director of Childcare Development timothys@ymcasatx.org
 Alice Alvarez Director of Program Development alicea@ymcasatx.org
 Claire Green Youth Development, Day Camp Director claireg@ymcasatx.org

Davis-Scott Family YMCA

1213 Iowa St. San Antonio TX 78203 Phone (210) 532-0932/Fax (210) 533-3888

 Terence Hickman Executive Director terenceh@ymcasatx.org
 Zita Powell Membership & Marketing Director zitap@ymcasatx.org
 Lydia Ibarra Business Manager lydiai@ymcasatx.org
 Walon Woods Youth Sports Director walonw@ymcasatx.org
 Taka Rowe Health & Wellness Coordinator takar@ymcasatx.org
 Abel Valdez Pool Manager abelv@ymcasatx.org

D. R. Semmes Family YMCA @ Tripoint
3233 N. St. Mary's, San Antonio, TX 78212 Phone (210) 246-9622/Fax (210) 246-9639

Maggie Thompson Executive Director maggiet@ymcasatx.org
Posey Duncan Sr. Director of Member Services / Youth & Family Programs poseyd@ymcasatx.org
Susanna Guzman Business Manager susannag@ymcasatx.org
Pete Garcia  Health and Wellness Director  peteg@ymcasatx.org

Mays Family YMCA
21654 Blanco Rd, San Antonio TX 78260 Phone (210) 497-7088/Fax (210) 497-7602

 Philip Ott North Central District Vice President philipo@ymcasatx.org
 Carlos Verastegui Executive Director carlosv@ymcasatx.org
 Amanda Neuman Membership Director amandan@ymcasatx.org
 Alex Amy Sports Director alexa@ymcasatx.org
 Joel Sofet Sports Director joels@ymcasatx.org
 Christina Kirkland Child Watch Supervisor christinak@ymcasatx.org

New Braunfels Family YMCA
710 Landa, New Braunfels TX 78130 Phone (830) 606-9622/Fax (830) 606-3484

Josh Simpson Senior Program Director joshs@ymcasatx.org
Meliss Oehler Senior Director of Membership & Youth Development melisso@ymcasatx.org
Jennifer Brumfield Membership Coordinator jenniferb@ymcasatx.org
Daniel Otero Aquatics Director danielo@ymcasatx.org
Camille Montoya Sports Coordinator camillem@ymcasatx.org

Schertz Family YMCA
621 Westchester, Schertz TX 78154 Phone (210) 619-1900/Fax (210) 619-1918

 Fredy Degollado Executive Director fredyd@ymcasatx.org
 Evan Partee Youth & Family Director evanp@ymcasatx.org
 Mario Gallegos Health & Wellness/Youth Sports Director marioga@ymcasatx.org
 Andi Anderson Membership & Marketing Director andia@ymcasatx.org

Thousand Oaks Family YMCA

16103 Henderson Pass, San Antonio TX 78232 Phone (210) 494-5292/Fax (210) 494-5294

Philip Ott North Central District Vice President philipo@ymcasatx.org
Marty Ahumada Health & Wellness Director martya@ymcasatx.org
Gabe Jones Aquatics/Facilities Director gabej@ymcasatx.org
Rachel Downey Membership & Marketing Director racheld@ymcasatx.org
Maya Smith Youth & Family Director mayas@ymcasatx.org 

Walzem Family YMCA
5538 Walzem, San Antonio, TX 78218 Phone (210) 656-5777

Rick Jacques Executive Director rickj@ymcasatx.org
Trey Gonzales Membership Coordinator treyg@ymcasatx.org
Susan Delagarza Health & Wellness Coordinator  susand@ymcasatx.org
Todd Watson Youth Sports Director toddw@ymcasatx.org
Ashleigh Burns Youth Sports Director ashleighb@ymcasatx.org
Charlotte Butler Business Manager charlotteb@ymcasatx.org

Westside Family YMCA
2900 Ruiz, San Antonio TX 78228 Phone (210) 433-6391/Fax (210) 432-2539

 Louis Lopez District Vice President louisl@ymcasatx.org
 Monique Pierce  Associate Executive Director moniquep@ymcasatx.org
 Robert Calvillo Youth & Family Director robertc@ymcasatx.org
 Joshua Fussell Youth & Adult Sports Director joshuaf@ymcasatx.org
 Abigail Hernandez Health & Wellness Director abigailh@ymcasatx.org
 Victoria Rodriguez Active Seniors Coordinator  victoriar@ymcasatx.org 

Y Living Center

835 W. Southcross, San Antonio, TX 78211 Phone (210) 924-8858/Fax (210) 921-0276

Louis Lopez Y Living Center Director louisl@ymcasatx.org
Veronica Wong-Rizo Director of Medically-Based Wellness Programs veronicar@ymcasatx.org
Kristine Gusman  Senior Director - YLiving Center kristineg@ymcasatx.org

YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow

190 Flaming Arrow Rd, PO Box 770, Hunt TX 78024  Phone (830) 238-4631
Toll Free (800) 765-9622 / Fax (830) 238-4280

Bill Hinton Executive Director billh@ymcasatx.org
Allison Hinton CLC Director allisonh@ymcasatx.org
Ashley Henry Business Manager ashleyhe@ymcasatx.org
Bif Buchan Summer Program Director bifb@ymcasatx.org
MaryAshley McGibbon Equestrian & Marketing Director maryashleym@ymcasatx.org
Curt Jaeger Retreat Director curtj@ymcasatx.org
Joseph Daniel Property Manager josephd@ymcasatx.org
Hiring process taking place now! Food Service Director Contact  billh@ymcasatx.org


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YMCA Mission

To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs
that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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