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Leadership Training at CFA



Leadership Camp at CFA is an experience for 16 & 17 year olds looking to become camp staff and stronger leaders.  While most LIT participants are long-time campers, it is not a requirement. It is a requirement to be an LIT prior to being a CIT and you must be invited to be a CIT. 


Leader-In Training - LIT

Our LIT program is a leadership course for 16 year olds who want to learn life-long leadership skills. LITs learn to lead both younger children and their own peers through training and practice instructing and counseling younger campers.

The LIT program builds much more than a camp counselor. The program is a challenging adventure in leadership and personal growth. Participants learn skills to powerfully deal with people of all ages, and are afforded the chance to practice these skills in a supportive setting, generous with both feedback and mentorship. This training provides all the ingredients for adolescents to develop the life skills they'll need to succeed.

LITs do not participate in traditional activities of camp.  They spend time in a classroom setting, exploring camp and designing activities.  They also shadow a counselor, plan and facilitate camp activities.  It is an awesome experience that helps young leaders break away from camper life and begin to move into a counselor role.

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Counselor-in-Training - CIT

This is an invitation only program.  To become a CIT, the candidate must first successfully complete the LIT program demonstrating that he/she is willing to leave camper life behind and step up to the plate as a future staff member.  LITs leave camp knowing whether or not they are going to receive an invitation to apply to be a CIT.  During the year, CIT candidates will receive instruction on how to apply and will be given a series of deadlines to meet.  Once in camp as a CIT, they spend the entire time as a 3rd "counselor" in young camper cabins modeling counselor behavior and working to develop their hands-on skills.  It is an awesome experience and really demonstrates to the CIT what it is like to be on staff at camp.   

Parents: please note we ask that your CIT candidate take responsibility to meet deadlines and follow up with the program director as this is his/her experience; thus we are asking that you do not make phone calls, send emails, etc., on their behalf.  While you may need to call at times for clarification, please understand we will ask your CIT candidate to communicate with us as it is part of the learning and growing process in becoming a leader. 

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