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Summer Camp Session Themes

Why Session Themes?

Session themes are designed to add a little individuality and excitement to each session. The themes will mainly be used on opening days, closing days and for our dances. For each theme, we encourage staff and campers to dress the part for the dance, so we have included examples of what to pack below.

Parents and Campers: there is no need to go out and buy new things— look around, see what you have (Old Halloween costumes or school spirit day items?) or plan to just dress normally!  Not everyone gets dressed up.  Also, counselors and other campers are often willing to lend out items.  Make whatever you bring fun, stress free and silly.  

Session 1: 
Aloha Summer

Join us as we heat things up this summer, Hawaiian-style. Bring your leis, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, and coconuts for our Hawaiian Luau dance.

Session 2:
Out of this World (Space)  

A long time ago in a galaxy far away... CFA is going to be out of this world! Grab your favorite space-themed gear! Whether you are a Star Trek or Star Wars fan, into Zenon and Nebula or NASA, join us for some Space themed fun!
Session 3: Holiday Hullabaloo

Come all ye faithful to a week surrounded in holiday fun! Celebrate Valentine's day, Halloween, and Christmas... and who knows what else we might cook up! Bring your costume for the Halloween Monster Mash dance night!

Session 4: 

Who do you consider a hero? Have you the power to save the world from certain destruction? Have you an outfit made of lyrca? Is your hero Superman, a soldier, a coach, a parent or a teacher? If so, then this is the session theme for you! Be sure to dress as your hero for the dance. You can also make up your own hero!

Session 5:
Red, White and Blue

The white-hot days of summer are here, but don’t let that heat get you feeling blue! This week we celebrate the birth of our great country with a Red White and Blue theme. So pack your Uncle Sam hats, American Flag apparel and plenty of sun block, because the only thing we want turning red is the sunset over camp and our fireworks!

Session 6:
Wizard Week

Prepare your wands, hats, capes, and broomsticks! Whether you are a fan of Percy Jackson, Merlin, Dumbledore, Gandalf, or any other type of wizards and magic, this week has magical surprises in store!
Session 7:
Disney Magic
Who is your favorite Disney Character? Well get ready to represent them this week with our Disney theme! Come dressed as a Disney Character, memorize some Disney tunes, and get ready for the magic of Disney because this week is going to be awesome!

Session 8:
CFA Olympics

With the Olympics coming up in 2016 in Rio, what better time to host our very own CFA Olympic games? Compete in tasks, games, and demonstrate the core values to earn medals for your nation!

Rookie Camps

Rookie 1&2: Out of this World (Space)

Rookie 3&4: Disney


Bring attire to wear to either one of the weeks you will be at camp (or both!) — or just bring some crazy / silly / fun items to celebrate your individual summer style!

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