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Retreat Booking, Billing & Cancellation Policy

Booking and Questions: 830-238-4631

Thank you for your interest in YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow! We are excited to work with you on planning your retreat at CFA. Following is an explanation on our booking and billing procedures.


At this point, you are interested in booking a date for your group. If there is less than 2 months to the date you wish to reserve, we ask for a larger deposit; however, to reserve a date more than two months in advance, we ask for a $200 non-refundable deposit mailed to us with a short letter indicating the following (you can also send an email then call and pay via credit card):

  • Group Name and type of organization (Scouts, School, non profit, etc)
  • Group address and phone number
  • Contact person along with the best phone number(s) to call and email address
  • Estimated number of participants (adults and minors, separated)
  • Dates requested

Please make checks payable to "YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow" and mail to:

YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow
Attn: Retreat Reservations
PO Box 770
Hunt, TX 78024

Billing and Deposits

Upon receipt of your $200-deposit we will send you a booking agreement. It will include your decisions on the number of people and the activities you will participate in at CFA. When providing the number of participants, please include adults (chaperones and group leaders) and children over 2 years old indicating if they will be participating in CFA-led activities. We ask for three numbers: a maximum number of participants, a minimum number of participants, and an expected number of participants. The maximum and minimum numbers should be no more than 10% above or below your expected number. This agreement needs to be signed by the “group coordinator” and returned to us with a 10% non-refundable deposit based on the maximum number of participants.

  • Thirty days before your retreat we will ask for a “guaranteed number” as well as a third non-refundable deposit. This deposit is 25% of your total bill based on your guaranteed number. If your total bill is estimated to be over $10,000, we ask for 50% of the bill to be paid in this second deposit. We will revise the agreement if the guaranteed number has changed from the original estimated number.
  • The estimated total cost of your retreat is due before or upon arrival. This is the total amount less any deposit payments already made.
  • The final bill is calculated using the actual number in attendance or guaranteed number of participants (which ever is higher) and if higher than estimated total, the difference is due within 7 days of your departure. If your estimated total bill and actual total are the same and you have paid in full, then no payment is due.


Should your “GROUP” cancel within one month (30 days) of program date, the “GROUP” will be billed a 10% administrative handling fee based on the maximum number of participants expected, in addition to any non-refundable deposits. Should your “GROUP” cancel with less than two weeks (14 days) to the start of your event, your group will be billed for the entire amount of guaranteed participants.

We are committed to providing your group the best experience and look forward to working with you to plan your group's ideal retreat. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or special requests.

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