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The hottest workout in Southern California has gone nationwide!

Celebrated by athletes and celebrities alike, and dubbed The Perfect Calorie Burn, Indo-Row is a one-of-a-kind indoor rowing workout that will truly change the way you think about group exercise.

Created by Josh Crosby, a World Rowing Champion and professional endurance athlete, and Jay Blahnik, renowned fitness program developer and award-winning instructor, Indo-Row is perfect for people of all fitness levels.

Working in teams, partners and as one crew, Indo-Row provides a transforming total body workout that challenges the body and focuses the mind. An Indo-Row® workout takes all the elements of rowing on the water and brings them into one class. Each workout includes "Skills and Drills" to warm-up and learn proper form, a "Pressure Test" to establish intensities for the day, "Waves" to get the heart pumping and "Recoveries," which include core work and stretches. The workout ends with "The Race" which leaves everyone high on endorphins and builds amazing camaraderie, and the "Cool Down" is a trip into the awards-dock to pick up your medals!

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Indo Row Facts!

Why is Indo-Row® such a unique workout?

In an Indo-Row® class, you are truly part of a team where you pull for others and they pull for you! Anyone can do it! It is easy to learn and you can go at your own intensity.You are using your whole body in a rhythmic, yet powerful motion.You never feel "beat up" afterwards, just invigorated.  You are hearing and feeling the sound of being on the water with the patented Indo-Row® machine. Indo-Row® allows you to get as close as you can get to being on the water and pulling with your crew without getting wet! You are learning a new activity (rowing), which for so long has been a sport for the elite. Now everybody can reap its benefits.

How many calories does Indo-Row® burn?

Although most people will burn approximately 500-800 calories in an Indo-Row® class, the real bonus comes with the relatively low perceived exertion compared to other popular exercise activities.

Indo Row Facts!

Is rowing just an upper body workout?

Rowing is a full body endurance workout. One common misconception is that rowing is just an upper body workout. In fact, the rowing stroke travels from the strongest muscle group to the weakest. It is initiated by the legs, then the torso and is finished with the arms. When the technique is done properly, the legs, torso and arms are all engaged and share the workload. The better the form and the more powerful the output, the greater the workout for the cardiovascular system.

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