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First Monday Prayer

In 1841, George Williams arrived in London to work as a fabric manufacturer at the firm of Hitchcock and Rogers. Having recently begun to grow in his relationship with God,he was concerned about the spiritual condition of the 140 workers at his company. What he saw did not look good according to this journal entry. “I found no means of spiritual interest of any kind,” He then quickly thought to himself ‘ “What can I do for these young men? And he began to pray. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that a fellow worker was an active Christian. They began to discuss something that God had put on George’s heart to help introduce the other staff to a relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

Praying for staff by name

Their plan was simple. They prayed by name for each of their fellow employees and confidently expected them to become Christians. Williams soon made this matter-of-fact entry in his diary:“We met, our numbers grew, and the room was soon crammed. In answer to prayer, the Spirit of God was present, and we had conversion after conversion.Scores of employees and even the firm’s president, George Hitchcock, professed faith in Christ. An observer of the spiritual activity at Hitchcock and Rogers commented that when Williams came to the firm in 1841, it was almost impossible for a young man thereto be a Christian. By contrast, three years later, it was almost impossible to be anything else!

A spiritual movement is born

Others became aware of the spiritual fervor at the fabric company and wondered why something like this should not be tried in other firms. In 1844, 12 men met in a small room and an organization was formed that would impact the world. The YMCA..The YMCA as it initially grew, was a workplace prayer and outreach ministry that lovingly shared the message of Christ. It spread to several countries around the world and did not even have a building until 15 years after it’s initial founding- and this was to house a library and allow for Christian education.

YMCA of Greater San Antonio’s Commitment to First Mondays

On the First Monday of each month, the Christian Emphasis Representative from each YMCA is responsible for leading a group of people to pray. They may come together at at the entrance to the Y or meet in a small room in the Y. No matter the location, the focus is prayer. The group prays for each staff member by name. God is at work in ourYMCA’s and we believe our commitment to pray is paramount!

Christian Emphasis

YMCA Mission

To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs
that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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