Classes for your everyday struggles - Christian Emphasis at the Y

Y Groups For You

Are you looking for a way to connect, learn and meet other people? Our groups, classes and workshops are based on Christian principles and proven practices. People of diverse faiths or no faith are welcome.



Participants work through issues like:

  • Loneliness

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Loss

  • Destructive habits

  • Weight loss

  • Food issues

  • Chronic health challenges

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Financial difficulties

  • Life transitions

  • Marital challenges

  • Family struggles



An 8 week guided small group that lays the foundation for successful change in your life in a supportive, caring and judge-free Christian environment. Name the areas of your life that need change, and discover the roles that self-esteem, fear, relationships, faith, and your past play in your life. Find hope restored as you process in the group. Group will help you confront areas of your life where you have become hopeless—anxiety, depression, food and body image issues, fear, grief, low self-worth, relationship issues, and more. Change IS possible, and the group can help!

Group explores:

• What is needed for real change, and why other attempts may have failed

• How to create a foundation for change regardless of the circumstance

• How to silence your negative thoughts and achieve your true purpose

• The benefits of having a spiritual process as part of your healing

• Discovering new tools you will need to make the change permanent


Journey to a Life of Significance: Freedom From Low Self-Esteem

An 8-week group that helps you overcome negative thought patterns through emotional healing, affirmation, and encouragement. Learn more about your God-given gifts and purpose, and heal from a past of low self-image.

Journey to Living with Courage: Freedom From Fear

An 8-week group where you learn to acknowledge and face fears in your life so you can overcome life-controlling anxiety. Take the steps necessary to move forward spiritually, physically and mentally to and achieve dreams once stifled by perfectionism, co-dependency, abandonment, or rejection.

Journey to a New Beginning: Freedom from the Pain of Loss

An 8-week group that helps you find freedom from the pain of disappointment and loss. Whether you have lost a loved one, a relationship, marriage, financial security, job, or your health, this group offers a caring place to walk through the grief of any major life change, finding comfort in a healing community.

Journey to Healthy Living: Freedom from Food & Body Image Issues

An 8-week group that gets to the emotional heart of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Participants receive guided group discussion time focused on the emotional and spiritual healing surrounding negative body image, nutrition, and exercise.

Grace-Filled Aging

Grow Older Gracefully

How can we develop habits and attitudes to help us grow older with grace and dignity? Let’s do this right and be a joy to be around as we age! (4-week class)

Caring For Your Spirit, Mind and Body

Y You Matter

Does hurried sickness hinder you from really enjoying life? Would you describe your mind as peaceful and content? Do you want to grow in your faith, but just don’t know how? This highly interactional and informative class builds on a weekly practice of spiritual formation exercises to create a vibrant and healthy spirit, mind and body.

(4-week class)